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Spread the word and get 100 or 400 euros

Help your company and your colleagues by being an "Empresas à Boleia" Ambassador



Did you know that we have created a specific service, called "Empresas à Boleia", to help business employees on their "home - to - work" commute and that we have already worked with entities such as Nokia, Deloitte, Solvay, KuantoKusta, Torres Vedras City Council, ...?   

The company you work for may not know, and as they generally attach importance to the needs of their employees, we have created the "Empresas à Boleia Ambassador Program" so you can inform yours about the service!


How to participate and what are the advantages of being an Empresas à Boleia Ambassador?


It's easy and flexible:

    1) Please email us at and we will assign you a unique ambassador code.
    2) Inform the appropriate department of your company about the Empresas à Boleia service and the 10% discount on the plan you will get thanks to your ambassador code!
    3) The company joins the service with your ambassador code, your colleagues are happy to use it and we send you a 100 or 400 euro card that you can use in stores like Worten, Fnac, Continent, etc. !


Have a question? We are here to help!
Send us an email to and we will be happy to clear any doubts by email or phone!

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