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Ciclo de conferências em Biotecnologia - Março de 2014

How can you help

Do you also believe that carpooling is a good idea?

Help us to have more carpoolers on!
To make carpooling as popular in Portugal as it is abroad, it's necessary that more people hear about it: then more drivers will propose their available seats, more passengers will ask for them... and easier it will be for you to find somebody to share your trips and costs too.

Be a carpooler                 Informe-os!                 Share your opinion with us

You can help in many ways, for example:




  • Spread the word about and carpooling: we all have friends or family members that would be interested in saving money, helping the nature and meeting new people... if they knew that they can do it easily.
  • Facebook and Twitter are great ways to tell your friends that:
    • you support this project
    • you are looking for somebody to share some of your trips (after you post your ad, we offer you the possibility to share them on your Facebook and Twitter profile)


Tell us

  • Please let us know (through the contact page for example) :
    • your opinions about the website and the community
    • if you have new ideas to improve the website or if you noticed a problem with it
    • if you wish to join the team and help this project to go forward!

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