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What is carpooling and why is it good for you ?

What is carpooling?

Carpooling is something you probably already did with some of your friends: it's simply the fact of travelling with people by sharing a car and the trip costs (fuel and highway).

It became an efficient and very popular way to travel in North America and Europe... and portuguese people are naturally / quickly following this good habit.



Why is carpooling good for you?

We live in a world which is currently affected by an economic crisis and where the ecological problems are not receiving enough consideration.

Travelling with carpoolers is a great solution for many reasons, including the 3 main ones:

  • you save money
  • you help the environment
  • bonus: you meet new friendly people


How do you save money?

If you are a driver, the most passengers you will be able to take with you for your trip, the cheaper it will be because you will divide the costs with all of them!

If you are a passenger, sharing the costs of a trip with a driver (and others passengers) will be much cheaper than doing the same trip by bus or by train.  


How do you help the environment?

By helping drivers to fill their empty seats, carpooling reduces the number of cars on the roads and consequently the CO2 emissions.

(For example: 3 drivers, who do the same trip alone, could share the same car instead of travelling on their own.)


How do you meet new friendly people?

Carpoolers are usually open-minded people: autOsztunk's goal is to help you to find them and have a nice trip together.

When you see the ad of a member doing the same trip as you, you can contact this person to agree on the details (where to meet for example) : the profile reviews are also a way to discover the coolest carpoolers!

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